Wear Your Fitness Mantra

Being slim and fit is the new trend of modern era. We see those fit muscular actors in Bollywood. Both the hero and villain are fit in most of the action films.

Everyone wants to be fit and wants to be in shape. But some have excuses like they have such a busy life. Everyone is busy in their respective work. But if you are fit you can do much better in everything.

If you are fit, you are hit. That’s what I believe. First impression is the last impression. And your personality makes your first impression. Personality is nothing but your fitness and outfit.

We can be fit by following some strict diet plans, sweating at gym or by cardio.

As I wrote earlier that Stay Inspired, Stay Fit. Well! The basic inspiration or energy comes from what we see. If we see our friends are paying doing so much to their fitness, then we also feel from inside that why we shouldn’t start as well.

Funatic brings many awesome quoted T-shirts and makes us wear our words. Wear your words and deliver to the fellows around you. This will inspire people around you to follow up their fitness routine.

About Funatic

A brand that intends to spread fun and cheer among sport fans. Funatic Tees are an avenue for us to express our passion for sport and support for our teams heroes! Funatic represents true sports fans, enthusiasts, loyalists, analysts, fanatics and lunatics who worship their idols no matter what, know intricate details about them, and are ready to lend their chest to unveil their knowledge support. It represents those who understand more than just logos & team colours, who need more than team jerseys/status updates/broadcasts to showcase their love & passion for the team.

Funatic has that wide collection for all fitness lovers.Male tees


Running is best exercise and best therapy for many problems. We don’t need to invest anything for that.

Like most of the times we sit idle and think what to do? Well work out is the answer that I get from my heart. So whenever in doubt, just work out then everything will work for you.

Don’t go to gym for sake of going only. Either work hard or sit home.

If you are a sports person, and you feel you are the player then wear what you feel.

Let your outfit describe you in one line. This will appeal others to follow you. Visit here for more gym essentials.

Train like a Beast and look like a Beauty

Female tops

Funatic also brings a wide range of Women outfits as well. One can get there one liner printed tees. Wear what you feel to say to others.

Females can pick their favourite Tees from HERE

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I bought myself 2 M sized t-shirts from Funatic. I liked the pure cotton t-shirts which will be comfortable during or after workout. On left arm, there is cool Funatic logo.

Funatic is mixed with Passion & Fun. For all the athletes as well, Funatic brings so many designs. You can find all kind of sports T-shirts at various sizes.

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