Unconditional Love 2 – Five Sentence Fiction


Pic Courtesy : www.tumblr.com

I tried writing a fiction (Part 1) which was incomplete and all the comments under this made me write this second part.

So the story continues…


The guy takes the first step to sort the things and the girl responds the same way but they failedΒ in finding the actual reason for misunderstanding.

The guy who decided not to have any new relationship started living for orphans and his parents supported him.

TheΒ girlΒ who was not sure whether she can settle in a new relationship, tried to take a step to start a new life.

Failing in adjusting into a new world, she got to know the truth that the guy she left was innocent.

Her parents noticed her smile that came after months and they allowed the girl to live rest of her life with the boy.


This is the end of the love story. The girl was surprised to see that all the kids at orphan house already knew her as the guy used to tell them about his love story.

Thank you everyone for helping me out with your comments to build the next part of fiction. Your valuable comments are welcomed here too.


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