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Hi Readers,

Read it till the end and comment your opinion.

It’s an ordinary story whose climax shouldn’t be ordinary one. In almost every love story parents be the one to prove their son/daughter’s choice wrong and chooses a new partner for them matching Kundli. They believe that Kundli should match not the hearts. I believe it’s orthodox.

Here is my Five Sentence Fiction. Please read and leave your opinions.

It was friendship which turned into unconditional love which had everything love, romance, emotions, togetherness, pampering, innocent fights and then everything back to normal.

The boy as lover was not acceptable to her parents as he was from different state & culture and they started creating a gap between the two and took her away from the boy.

Lots of misunderstanding happened for almost a year, but the feeling of love was still rigid which made the girl to meet the boy after a yearΒ and they promised to stay together forever looking into each other’s eyes.

As parents knew that love has won again, they themselves started creating problems to the girl and gave the boy a title of Evil Boy and influenced their daughter that he is the reason for all your tears.

The girl yelled at the guy and blamed him of something which he is not even aware of and shut all the doors for the boy.


The story is incomplete. What should be the happy ending for this? Or What could happen next?

What shall the boy do?

  • Shall he feel it the end of the story and move to a new life to avoid being part of herΒ parent’s next game?
  • Shall he wait for the girl to come back?
  • Shall he come forward to sort out all misunderstanding again?

Shall the love put its knees down in front of the clever parents? Or Shall he fight even after knowing that the girl will never stand by his side?

Expecting a great public opinion to help me to write the next part of the fiction. Keep yourself in place of the boy and write what would you do in this situation?


  • Undoubtedly , he should clear the misunderstandings…if its true love , she will come back

    • Shall he contact even after knowing that she won’t take his side as she always leaves him when the misunderstanding happens?
      Like I mentioned in the 5th line of fiction, she didn’t even wait for a second to listen him. The guy didn’t even know what happened and is shattered.
      The love is true but the partner is weak.

  • If its true love, then the anger and misunderstandings is just temporary.
    He should talk to her after a while and clear the things.

  • True love never has any Ego. So the boy should clear the misunderstanding immediately. Same applies to the girl, if she loves him truly, she will hear him out and eventually come back to him. If she does not, she never was in love with him, it was infatuation then..

  • He should make an attempt to clear the misunderstanding, and if it doesn’t work, move on. If there is really love, there has to be belief in each other. Otherwise, it is just some attraction and infatuation.

  • Since it is the ‘unconditional love’ these couples got a perfect understanding of each other. Now, girl’s parents wisely took a step by implementing an evil plan. They created the gossip which kept the boy on the other side of the shore to create a separation and cause maximum damage to the love.
    Here, boy haven’t to worry about it, because their love is not the love which will be defeated by a gossip or a false news. She will realize that soon, what the boy need to do is not to urge and perform anything that will plus the misunderstanding. He need to take action to prove his ignorance in a sneak peek way.

    Nice story you made here Yogesh πŸ™‚ waiting for the next part.

  • Well, he should definitely attempt to clear the air. At least he won’t regret for the rest of his life that he didn’t even give it a try. Even after that if the girl believes he’s wrong and things don’t work out he should move on. Ego must never be an issue but there’s also nothing above self respect. Where there’s no respect, there can be no love.

    Great work, looking forward to the next part πŸ™‚

  • It is love, true love. He will come forward and explain everything to her. She also love him truly so she will understand.

  • I think it should be mutual. Both should explain and clarify.

  • Love the four letter word which make the world go; but then no one said its going to be perfect or have a happily ever after ending. If you ask me love and marriage are totally different entity. It’s takes more than love to lead a happily married life. But what the heck a relationship involves two not one so the responsibility to commit or trust if it comes natural from both side, it works. Or else life is the biggest teacher.

    • Great to read your opinion. A bit harsh, but true.
      There should be trust.
      But as per my fiction, the girl doesn’t trust the man.
      She firmly believes in everything that she is being told.
      Like I told in 5th line, she shut all the doors without even listening the boy.
      So it’s lack of trust. I think it’s love without any base.
      And the guy should learn from the biggest teacher.

  • If it’s true love then she will understand him and come back. The boy should talk to her and clear all the misunderstanding.

    I just want happy ending for this story.

  • He should definitely talk to her and explain her with patience that she has been blaming him for things for which he is not responsible. Both of them should have a heart-to-heart conversation and clear all the misunderstandings. Even after that, if the girl behaves in the same way, he should move on, taking away the fond memories of her in his heart.

  • if this love is really unconditional on both the sides then things will eventually fall into place , the boy must not lose hope , not necessarily to be aggressive but he must try the best he can

  • If even one of the doors that she close opens, he shouldn’t fail to give her proof of his innocence. Because, if he is actually innocent and life has given him a chance to prove, he should NOT hold back and miss that last opportunity. Loosing that opportunity will be like loosing his love forever so he should make the most of it. He should not expect things to be normal until he can proof that its actually a game of parents and he is innocent.

  • Nice one Yogesh, it has a nice hook this story. If you were to ask me, I would like the girl to realise the reality and understand what is going on and then fight for the truth of love.

  • Move on! 😊
    Sorry – I know this is not what you want to hear, but it’s what I feel! 😊
    Nice attempt btw…

  • Nice Write up Yogesh
    According to me , The Boy should come forward and clear all the misunderstanding created by Girl’s parents ,
    If their love is true then no one can stop them to be together ,
    They should mutually come forward and make their parents understand their feelings and convince them that this is the best partner for them .

    Will wait for the next part from you

    Keep it up πŸ™‚

  • There is nothing like unconditional love in this story. If it was, then why the guy wants the girl at any cost, even after being the reason of her tears ? If his love was unconditional then he should not disturb the peace of that family.
    The girl believes on her parents more than the boy, so he should move on. I can’t see any love in this story. Boy want to acquire and girl cares a damn.
    So it’s a clear infatuation which lasted for more than an year because they didn’t meet regularly. If they could meet, the infatuation was over long back. Grow up boy, one should not get a girl on the cost if his spine. This is a teenage, filmy love-story and gosh…. who believes in Kundali today. LOL….

    • Hi Afra, Thank you for writing and expressing your opinion.
      So you want to say that the boy and girl shall meet more to know whether it is infatuation or love? πŸ˜›
      Well I will keep your point in mind in my next part. πŸ˜€
      Glad that atleast it entertained you. πŸ˜€

  • Yes, why not. But only if the girl wishes. If the girl still believes in her parents more than the boy, then it’s useless. Believe me, no parents in this world can convince a girl to distrust a boy in the grounds of kundali matching or different state. There should be some string reason.
    And just by looking into each other eyes one cannot prove the genuineness of love. If the girl says yes just by looking into eyes of a boy, and again believes on her parents false ‘kuldali’ kinda stuff, she must be a fool. This is 2016 guys….. grow up. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for that detailed comment.
      What shall the guy do here? As this is what i asked from all my readers.
      On the basis of my fiction, what shall the guy do?
      It would be great if you could feel those 5 lines and tell the guy what shall he do?

  • I don’t see any use of suggesting any answer, as it has a planed happy ending. Or else I would have suggested, what Archana has. Since it’s not at all “Unconditional Love”, as usual the boy is going to fulfill his selfish motive by disturbing the poor family’s peace and happiness.
    Happy ending. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Afra.
      You picked the story well.
      Can you tell, under what circumstances did the parents put the blame on him?
      Don’t you think that the parents are taking advantage of girl’s belief?
      And what made you feel that the family is poor? πŸ˜‰

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  • Okay. I read the first one now .. And can see that the comments were helpful indeed .I know the outcome now but even I would have voted for clearing the misunderstanding though I Know, its easier said than done ! The hurt , even imaginary is UNBEARABLE !

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