Trust vs Rust

If you don’t have Trust in your relationship, then you must be having Rust there.

In every relationship, Trust is vital.
When we were in our childhood, our dad/uncle must have asked to jump from a height and they will hold them. The child jumps down as he has trust on them. They have trust that they will be safe even if they do this.


We grow up and go to school. There are thousands of science facts that our teacher teaches us and we believe on them.
They said “Earth is round” And we believed that. Though he hasn’t showed us the earth, yet we believe.

But as we grow up, we start thinking the world in other way. We start suspecting on things.

Trust is Compliment

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.” – George MacDonald

To be trusted is really the biggest compliment rather than to be loved. If we view this point in our life, It is important that our parents should have trust on us. There is no doubt in parents’ love for their children. But if they trust us too then life is blessed. Though being in our adulthood, we spoil the trust. But that never ends the relationship because some relationships are forever.

As one never gets success in just one go. He tries, he fails. He again tries and again fails. He is now determined and again tried to knock the success. Or he may take more time to make it. But what makes him stand again is the trust that he has on himself.
Though he shakes his trust failing in next attempt, yet he has that faith and belief and still continues his fight to get his goal.

Tie a person with chains, he will break those and run away. But tie him with trust and belief, he can never escape. He may shake those chains of trust but will never break those.

“You must trust and believe in people, or life becomes impossible.” – Anton Chekhov

Without trust life is just impossible. When there is trust, there is no doubt. When you are having doubt, then the trust got rust.


Relationships end when two people are distant apart. Either they are immature to handle that distance or they are weak in trust. Weak trust leads to misunderstandings. The person starts believing on every negative thing. And every doubt leads to diminish goodness.

How can we build Trust in a relationship?

  1. Every person has a past. Every person learns from past. Accept the past and look for a bright bonding with the person in future.
  2. Whenever rust comes in relationship, try to furnish your relationship recalling those old times.
  3. Trust is never broken. It shakes sometimes. If we trust that person beyond anything, then his soul will start telling him what you want to make them feel.

Yes! Soul speaks. It only speaks when you hit someone’s belief.

Before trusting anyone, trust yourself. Trust your character that no one can deceive you. Have faith in God as every soul is connected to God only. God will help when there is no hand in the crowd to help. This all comes with self belief. 99% of trust issues are actually misunderstanding which remains unsorted because of ego or many other self obsessed things.

Don’t believe what you see or what you hear. Trust your heart. It’s the place where God resides.

Personal View

It’s my personal experience that no one ever broke my trust. I feel myself as God’s own child. I have felt many swings of life. But whenever things go difficult for me, I talk to my God. I surrender myself to Him. He brings all the goodness to my life again. I never back down in facing the person and sorting all the misunderstanding because I feel that when we use mind in any relationship it will take us away from that person. I listen to my heart and follow my God. Probably this is the reason, I never feel cheated. I do what my heart says because that gives me happiness. I never ever had trust issues because I feel that Trust is unbreakable thing.

If you read this till end, then please follow this:

Look into the mirror and speak to the person and say “I TRUST YOU”
Say this to yourself! Then only you can say it to others.


  • Very beautifully weaved… every sentence has great depth in it and justified.
    You yourself mentioned that trust might be shaken but cannot break. I personally feel, when trust shakes, it is one’s responsibility to rebuild it by proving his/her authenticity and making the other person realize that his/her doubt was not justified rather than complaining ‘Why don’t you trust me?’ If despite all odd situations, life and the person gives you a fair chance to prove your innocence, you shouldn’t loose that opportunity with excuses otherwise that would shatter the trust even more rather than building it.

    • Thank you for the appreciation!
      Look Maitreni..! Be sure that there is no misunderstanding. If the person couldn’t grab that one fair chance, it doesn’t conclude that the person is at fault.
      If someone is silent, it doesn’t mean he is guilty. Probably he might be waiting for the moment where he can clear all the doubts of that person whose trust is being shaken.
      Don’t bound yourself and consider things to be over. Let it go with the flow and try to listen his point as well!
      I feel that there might be ego collision of both the person here! And the best way to come out of that both should come up and discuss that.
      If every relationship needs two persons then every misunderstanding should be sorted by both the persons. Things can only be sorted when both the person are sure that there won’t be any ego in between.
      If misunderstandings are not sorted out then the day is not far when everyone would be spending their life alone which is next to impossible.

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