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Life is running and new responsibilities are waiting everyday. After getting a job, every parents asks their son/daughter this question, “Bete/Beti, Bata do tumhe kis type ka rishta chahiye. Aur shaadi kar lo“. Yes I am going through that phase right now. Relatives are over concerned. And it is happening not only to me but to everyone of my batch. Spending weekends with family means that they will be introducing new relatives to tie you in a wedding knot. To avoid those irrelevant gossips, we be on safer side and we explore our life and travel new destinations to explore some adventures.

This time the destination was Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. We planned this trip long time back to watch India vs Pakistan World Cup match LIVE from the stadium. But unfortunately venue was changed to Kolkata. So we postponed our trip too which happened last week.

We have been traveling with our own car everytime. But this time we booked a Volvo from Kashmiri Gate ISBT for Dharamshala as road trips are always adventurous. Finishing our office on Friday, we (5 people including me) gathered at the bus terminal. The bus departed at 10:30PM from the terminal. Trekking was there in everyone’s mind. We reached Dharamshala t around 9:00AM on Saturday morning. Everyone was tired no one could sleep in the bus so we booked our room and rested for a small duration. Since everyone was charged up but not that much that we could start trekking. So we planned to visit the stadium and kept the trekking for next day after having a full night sleep.

Selfie at Stadium

Arvind Vats, Ajay Chhillar, Me, Gagandeep Singh, Sachin Sachdeva (from Left)

There we go with our 1st selfie at stadium. Since it was not a match day so only one stand was open to visit. Ground was small but beautiful greenary over the ground.

Selfie at Stadiumm

Selfie from Stands

Complete overview

Ahaan that old scoreboard I loved.

Scoreboards are digital these days. But that old scoreboard reminded me of the commentary line ‘Batsman scoreboard ko busy rakhte huye as score was changed by men who used to stand behind the board to fix those numbers over the space.

Next day we started our way to Trekking. We took a bus and reached to McLeod Ganj. From McLeod Ganj, we covered 4KMs from taxi and we were taken to the starting point of our Trekking. It was a pleasant afternoon. We packed our bags and all necessary things as guided. We headed our way to Triund which was around 7KM from there. Everyone was going with their own speed. A few were very fast. We kept a steady pace as we were doing it for 1st time.

Trekking Selfie

Selfie at Start

Quick Snap

Way to Top

It was tough at beginning. We could feel increase in our heartbeat and breathing fast. But soon we were in the flow. Cracking jokes over each others made the way more easier. It was a refreshing experience to going through those narrow bushy areas. Mountain was on one side and ditch on other end.

Resting on Hill

After a continue walking of 3 hours, we were on the top. Looking down from the top of mountain was making everyone’s legs trembling.

Selfie from TOP

It was one of the best journey so far. Though I was having cold still I could sense more energy that overpowered weakness.

Selfiee at TOP

After having some maggi, we headed our way to our room and checked Flight Schedule for some Domestic Airlines. Since we couldn’t find any suitable flight from Gaggal Airport, we booked a semi sleeper bus as we were all exhausted and our knees were locked. It was really my Ideal Yatra as we were away from that office life and from those marriage talks that goes so often in the family.


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