Stay Inspired, Stay Fit

Fitness is another word starting from F that everyone loves to hear. But working to earn that fitness is really the toughest task.

Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s all about being better than you used to be.

Fitness is not about spending 1-2 hours in gym. It also depends what you do in rest 22-23 hours. Fitness comes only from discipline. You have to be sincere for the body.

Fitness is a lifestyle with no finish line.

YES! There is no finish line for fitness. It’s not about getting 6 or 8 pack abs once. You need to maintain that fitness through out the life. Fitness is the need of every person. Some people feel to do gym because they hate their body. But fitness comes only when you start doing it because you love your body.

Strength is directly proportional to fitness. If you are fit you will be powerful.
Money might buy you happiness but you can’t stay happy if you don’t have a healthy and fit body.
If you are fit, then only you are active else you will be slow soon like your android phone.

You can buy branded clothes with your money. But that too would look good only if you have fit body.
If you didn’t remain fit, the day will not be far when you will be getting your dress from tent houses.


  • Start with an inspiration.
  • Take an oath that you will never quit.
  • Start with aerobics not from heavy weights.
  • Regularly check your weight.
  • Always have a controlled diet.


Outfit is always important while you are doing workout. One shouldn’t wear jeans or formals.

Men should wear workout shirts or tees or sweat shirts.  They should wear shorts or pants with sports shoes.

Women should wear pants or shorts with the tank tops and sports shoes.

Simply, both man and woman should feel comfortable and relaxed in their gym clothing.

Dos and Don’ts

Always do a warm of 10 to 15 minutes.
Always focus on number of reps not on weight.
Always finish your reps at a moderate rate. Don’t finish it in hurry.
Always take energy drink if you are working out for long.
Use safety belt, gloves when necessary.

Never start your workout without warm up.
Don’t take too much time between 2 sets.
Never go for heavy weights without precautions. Always have a person by your side.
Never listen to sad songs while working out.

Basic Key Points

Always have a sound sleep of minimum 6 hours.
Always take healthy food. Avoid junk foods.
Drink half a glass water before taking your food.
Always walk around half a kilometer after having food.
Always walk for shorter distances instead of going on automobiles.

You can


The key to eat healthy?
Avoid any food that has TV commercial.


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