Revive of Childhood

Since I was youngest in my family, so whenever I watched Hum Aapke Hain Koun, I used to sing the lines ‘Kab tak rahoon, sabse chhota.. Aaye koi mujhse chhota?‘ On 28th March 2012, a baby boy came to my family. That’s Viren Parashar. Those little feet made the greatest footprint on my heart.

Adults are outdated children.‘ – Dr. Seuss


I had become an outdated child of my family. But Viren revived my childhood. One hand was perfect to cover his all sides and lift him. He was (I am writing was as he is damn mischievous now) super adorable and is always pampered the most.

If he is shown his old pics now and asked “Beta kon hai ye?

He says, “Ye Dishu hai”.

Dishu (Dishant Parashar) is his young brother.

The baby was growing. But he was still manageable with one hand.


In the mirror selfie, his expressions are like of rabbit here. His 2 teeth were making him more cute.

By the time he was more than 2 years. But he was still controlled by me with one hand and the naughtiest team of Parashar Parivaar was ready now.


This is one of the best click of ours. His smile is the cutest in the whole world.

At the age of 3, He is playing the drum like a master. And yes he loves playing instruments. I don’t know where his passion will take him to.

He is now my partner in everything. He is my gym-mate even.

Our gym gossips are also worth entertaining.

I can’t remember all the craziness I had in my childhood. But I remember every mischief we did together. He is 4 year old today. I can’t believe that I have completed my 4 years with him. It seems to be yesterday’s thing. I am thankful to God for bringing this adorable person in my life.


Happy Birthday Viren🎂 God Bless You.  🎈🎊🎁🎉😘.


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