Real Togetherness : Enhancement of Joy

When I was in school, I read a story on togetherness. There was a flock of doves that flew in search of food led by their king. One dove found some rice scattered beneath a banyan tree. So all the doves landed and began to eat.

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Suddenly a net fell over them and they were all trapped. Seeing a hunter approaching them, the king advised all the doves to fly up together carrying the net with them. Each dove followed his advice and they escaped from the situation with the net.

Togetherness is strength.



Our eyes blink together and that’s natural.

When we pray, we join our both hands together.

Single hand may push us to difficulties. But joining and making them one makes things easy for everyone.


The digital world is harming our togetherness. We are connecting with new people over social sites but disconnecting ourselves from our surroundings.

Earlier there was a single TV in a locality and everyone used to be together. Technologies broke localities into families and families into individuals. Now every person wants a separate TV in his room.

Urbanization is just selling our togetherness to buy loneliness. Localities are divided into buildings and buildings are divided into floors. People don’t even know who is living besides them.

The digitization hasn’t taken us so far that we can’t enjoy togetherness. Nature still has the power to bring everyone together.

Real Togetherness

Real togetherness is not just showing your physical presence when needed. It’s the reflection of one’s emotion on another.

Play Outdoor

Outdoor Play

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Togetherness is felt when there is no wall in between. That’s the Real Togetherness. So instead of inviting your friend for some online games, invite them for some outdoor matches i.e. football, volleyball or cricket. This will be good for body built and will build team spirit.

A Morning Jog

Run in a park rather than running on a treadmill at your home. Running at your treadmill won’t connect you with new people. A morning jog will give you not only the joy of togetherness but also make you drench freshness of morning.

One screen for all

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Last year when i was at my uncle’s home, i saw there was a giant screen where Ramayana was telecasted daily at night for the locality from 8pm onwards till Dusshera.

When there is India vs Pakistan then all people joins together near a big screen to watch the match. If it’s IPL final or any big world cup match, then also we can see big screens in our colony. We feel togetherness on special occasions only. This should be more often as real togetherness shouldn’t come occasionally.

Togetherness can be felt when we disconnect ourselves from digital world. Instead of capturing every moment with a camera, we shall be part of the event and feel the togetherness. Let heart capture some moments that won’t face ever.

Let’s visualize #RealTogetherness with Kissanpur.

मिल के रहेंगे तो ही खिल के रहेंगे। #RealTogetherness के साथ करीब दिल के रहेंगे।


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