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We heard that man has three basic needs which are Food, Clothes & Shelter. But we need other things as well which are equally important for human beings to survive. And fresh air is undoubtedly the most important. Finding fresh air is becoming very tough in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. While moving on the city roads, we find lots of hot gases in the surrounding which comes in the surroundings with different automobiles.

Though we have a false belief that the pollution is on the road and we are having a fresh air inside our car as we have locked the door. But actually, the air quality can be up to 5 times more polluted than outside, as micro particles (e.g. PM2.5, PM10), dust, pollen, harmful gasses, viruses and bacteria remain in the car. To filter the air inside the car, Philips provides a Automotive Air System which cleans the air inside the car.


Philips Lumileds has launched GoPure Car Air Purifier. With the alarming rate of air pollution in the country, this purifies the air in your car. The polluted air inside the car can lead to different allergies, suffocation etc. GoPure’s high-efficiency filtration technology removes fine particles of pollutants and toxic gases and purifies the air inside the car in just 15 minutes! It’s sleek and compact design does not take much space and can easily be adjusted as per your convenience.

Pollution Inside Car


The pollution inside the car is a silent and invisible problem. We keep our windows packed and turn on the AC. Here we tend to believe that inside the car owe are protected against outside pollution, but even air-conditioning systems do virtually nothing to keep the harmful pollutants out. Hence GoPure is need of the hour.

How It Works



Philips GoPure gives a proven solution to the pollution problems. It has a unique 3-layer filtration which helps to purify the air in car by removing pollutants and reducing odors in 3 stages, with the HEPA (Filter 2) and HEWSA (Filter 3) layers work together to ensure high and efficient purification power.

Filter 1 captures big particles like pollens and pet hairs.

Filter 2 removes up to 99.9% of fine particles like microorganism, dust and smoke.

Filter 3 decontaminates from smell and chemical pollutants.

Let’s enjoy fresh and healthy air in our car with Philips GoPure car air purifier. This amazing product is exclusively available on Amazon at amazing discount :


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