पaani – Punjabi Song Review

Paani is a sad romantic song by Yuvraj Hans. The video of the song depicts the pain of a lover who knows everything about his love and still he punishes himself without saying her a single word.
The Mukhda of the song says that I haven’t drunk as much water yet as much as I have swallowed my tears for you.


Lyrics of the song are written by Jaani which beautifully portrays pain of a lover without being harsh.

Na raat vikhdi aye, Na din vikhda aye..
Mainu te kuj vi, Na tere bin vikhda aye..

Mera dum dum ghuttda peya aye,
Mera sab kuj luttda reha aye.
Das tera kii gayaaaa???

Main hale tak enha paani vi ni peeta
Jinne ak main tere peechhe hanju pee gaya.. X(2)

{Aashikan nu tanhayi vich maarna, Koyi hanere to sikkhe
Akkhan vich akkhan paa ke jhoot bolna, Koyi tere to sikkhe}

Changeya na maadi hundi aaundi is jag te..
Na tere te yakeen reha Na hi reha Rab te..

Mera dil haaye toot ja gaya ae,
Mera sab kujj lutda reha ae, 
tu taa saukha hi jee gaya..

Main hale tak enha paani vi ni peeta
Jinne ak main tere peechhe hanju pee gaya.. X(2)

Chal main te chup hojun par duniya ne vekhya
Kihnu Rab keh ke tu Kihnu mattha tekya

Aaj tera ae te kal aauna mera ae
Ae waqt vi chandra bathera ae x2)
Jaani bulliyan sii gaya..

Main hale tak enha paani vi ni peeta
Jinne ak main tere peechhe hanju pee gaya.. X(3)

{Mere haaniya, mere dostan Mainu jaande vekh layin..
Saari umar na khadeyan naal mere, Mera seva taan sek layin}


The song has a very strong storyline. Yuvraj who finds Yuvika cheating him clicks her photographs with her new boyfriend. As the song progresses he finds many activities of her which kept him in tears all the time. The betrayal made him so weak that he sets a deal with a shooter and faxed him the photo. Then the guy Yuvraj takes her to top of a bulding and shows her all the photos of her with other guy. At the same time, the shooter shoots Yuvraj and the flashback shows that he faxed his photo only to the shooter. And he dies there.

Overall Impact:

I loved every second of the song. My interest goes high with that storyline. The lyrics have a deep meaning with every word. The last lines of song even melted my heart and tears rolled out of my eyes.

Storyline (10/10): I just loved the story of the song. Knowing everything, the lover is still behaving having a composed behaviour for her. I just loved everything about video. Though I was not able to speak for next 5 minutes after watching the song.

Acting (8.5/10) : Yuvraj Hans acted really well in all those emotions. Yuvika Chaudhary also did well with her role.

Music (8.5/10) : The song has a pleasant music with some great music affects. The sound of water drops on Mukhda of the song is best of all.

Voice (9/10) : Yuvraj has sung many a songs before. But I found this one as best of him. I am expecting some more such songs from him.

Screenplay and Direction (8.5/10) : The climax of the song is superbly shot. After the bullet shot, I thought it hit the girl for a second.

Overall Rating: 9/10



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