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Bollywood is now 102 years old. In those 10 decades, we have seen so many changes in all aspects of movies if it’s storyline, picturization, promotion or anything. Bollywood releases around hundreds of movies every year. It released 201 movies in year 2014. But it’s impossible to go and watch every movie at every weekend with your buddies. Sometimes one wants to stay at home and watch a previously released movie or a short story that can end the boredom of a hectic day. In that case, a strong storyline will ease the stress level.

Let’s Go Muvizz


An American poet, Muriel Rukeyser believes that the Universe is made of stories, not of atoms. And everyone loves to hear or watch some great stories. is that story land where one can find so many movies with a hit storyline that is appreciated by big critics.

How it Works?

Muvizz is quiet user friendly. It’s very easy to find a story of your favourite genre. Though it has collection of amazing stories, still these are put under different categories.Cat

There is Categories section on top of the webpage which drops down into different categories.

Award Winning will redirect you to some best national award winning movies or some award winning short films. From old to new, lots of award winning movies are here. Do Bigha Zamin (1953), Anuradha (1960), Black (2005) and The Dirty Picture (2011) are a few of the long list.

With Documentary, we can surf through some great documentary films in Hindi or English. Some history and music documentary are also here.Language

Feature Film has those evergreen bollywood movies which are enjoyed by man of every generation like Amar Akbar Anthony, Barah Aana, Anwar, Apart from featured films, short films are equally entertaining. serves us with that regional taste. Apart from Hindi or English, Muvizz follows up 5 of our Indian language hit films.

Subscription Pricing

One need not pay anything to access Free Catalog. Signing to Muvizz is also not a big task. One can simply login with their already existing Facebook/Google account.

Pricing doesn’t give you a free trial of 2-3 days. It gives a ONE WEEK TRIAL to the new users. Have unlimited access to Subscription catalog for a week that too without advertisements.
Just use the code MUVIZZ30 here.

Subscription: After that 1 week trial, unlimited monthly access to those hit stories is in just Rs. 299 that is almost equal to monthly cable rent.

Pay Per View: If someone like me wants to pay per movie then he must follow up Pay Per View. Simply pay for the movie you want to see. It is way too less than going for a movie with family. Pay once and watch it anytime in next 3 days.

Personal Experience:

I browsed the free catalog of the site first and came across a short but very touchy and emotional story Ehsaas. A little boy borrowed a rose from a man to put it on his mother’s grave. This gesture reminds the man about his rude behavior for his mom. The small gesture by little boy touched and moved the man’s heart.

I love the regional section the most. My Marathi roommate was feeling to watch his Marathi ishtyle movies here in Delhi. And brought him the helping hand.

Looking for some class? JUST MUVIZZ.COM


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