Meeting The Flying Sikh – Milkha Singh

When you will hear these words “The Fastest Indian”, only one name would come in your mind and that is Milkha Singh.

In 1958, he won a gold medal in 400 m competition at Commonwealth Games with a time of 46.6 seconds. This made him the first gold medalist at the Commonwealth Games from Independent India. And as of 2013, he is still the only male Indian to have won an individual athletics gold medal.

The Fastest Indian

GAIL- The Fastest Indian (TFI) is a project for India’s largest athletics talent hunt. SPOMENT, in partnership with the legendary athlete, Padmashri Mr. Milkha Singh, is launching India’s largest athletics talent hunt for the next generation of athletes.




The event held on 16th January 2015 in Thyagaraj Sports Complex, New Delhi.
In that foggy morning, it was all set for a warm welcome for Mr. Singh. The man of the hour was on time.

Words of Inspirations

Milkha Singh shared his life experienced in brief to the young athletes And he was in pain for not winning any medal in Olympics for his nation. He kept his wish to the new athletes to work hard and advised the coaches to provide them best facilities.


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He inspired young athletes to be better than themselves. It needs best of your efforts to pull that timer down by 1 2 seconds. Like if you are completing a 400 m sprint in 52-53 seconds, it needs hard work to pull that time to 50-51 and then to 48-49.

He told the young champs why they need to give their best out of best as they need to win the medal from world’s best athletes.

He shared his complete story like how he earned that title of “The Flying Sikh” from General Ayub Khan in Pakistan. Though he wasn’t willing to go to Pakistan after all those losses he had in his past. But still you need to keep those memories aside when Nation calls you.


All the sprinters were called for 100m, 200m, and 400m race. But before they started, Milkha Singh met them in person and wished them luck for the race and for their future.



And these are the results in all 3 formats. The environment was really energetic all because of presence of Mr. Singh.



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Wide shoulders of The Flying Sikh tell the story of his sheer hard work he has done in his young age. And his is still fit at this age. If you are fit, your personality reflects an attitude which is very natural.

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