Made of Great, Awesome Mate

Life is #madeofgreat ups and down. But how you face all those phases is called your attitude for life. I got this attitude from the toughest guy of my family, my dad. He is always that best friend who helps me to stand rigid to face every thunder or storm.

My Dad is the eldest among his 6 siblings. He has been superhit in every role of his life.

My Grandpa often tells us about my dad that how calm he has been in every situation. He used to wake up early in the morning to help my Grandpa in the fields. After finishing the field work, he used to go to school and later to job. He always used to help his siblings in every kind of work as well. He is #madeofgreat in role of a son and brother.

After marriage he has always been more responsible to his new duties. He was always with my mom in that family of 9 members. After being a father of 2 boys and a daughter, he has been role model to each of us. He is always a fitness freak. He always guided us to the path of fitness. He always says “No matters in how many digits you earn, if you are not fit you will be looted by thieves or doctors. So always be that fit that you can take care of your belongings“. He is #madeofgreat in role of a husband and a father. He always focused on 3 things for fitness.

  • Sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning.
  • Eat healthy and stay healthy. Avoid junk or unhygienic food.
  • Never be a smoker or alcoholic.

Most of the youth follows the opposite of above 3 points and spends those bucks to get a mental peace as fitness defines your lifestyle.

Now he is grandfather of 2 boys. And he is their favorite. Both the kids (Viren & Dishant) rush in his lap as he comes from job. He didn’t even get time to change his clothes that both are ready with their football or bat to play with the man. He is completely #madeofgreat in role of grandfather as well.

 My father didn’t tell me how to live. 

He lived, and let me watch him do it. : Clarence Budington Kelland

I learnt basics of life watching my dad. He always has a belief in me and leaves a lasting impression on me. If my life is a brand then my dad is its Ambassador exactly like Lionel Messi is for Tata Motors. Together they are #madeofgreat and proving to be ideal fit for each other.

Tata Motors brings greatness to my readers as well. All you need to comment your opinion in the comment section.

What do you think of Tata Motors’ association with Lionel Messi? 

The best comment who answers the above question can win an Amazon voucher of worth Rs. 750. Shoot your greatness in comment section. Winner will be announced on 26th November, 2015.


  • Very good choice with Lionel Messi! My comment:

    “The game begins now!
    Goal of setting the brand ‘Tata Motors’ stand apart in the crowd isn’t far away!”

  • TataMotors Always comes with a new technology & innovation that makes a diffrence & this time Hats off 2 #madeofgreat a great collaboration of two growing Stars 😎✌

  • Great.Messi along with TataMotors
    talented Messi + Technology loaded Tata make them #madeofgreat

  • this is the great collaboration of this era,Excellence join hands with technology & make them

  • Well-penned, Yogesh.

    As for the expression of views towards the question, I would like to answer through a stanza or two of verse:

    ‘What drives us from within is what makes us great’
    Belief in oneself, the zeal to put up a brave face,
    In the face of adversity, to stand strong against fate,
    That’s how life is – it’s an excellent goal to chase!

    To create a name for oneself, from the soil your feet dampen,
    To let critics enhance your effort, not let your spirits dampen,
    It’s the journey that counts, more than having scaled the peak,
    To persevere so that it’s your actions that have the loudest shriek!

    To sum up, I feel that this age old adage rings true whenever I think of this beautiful alliance of an Indian Global Brand – Tata Motors and a Global Argentinian Sportsperson – Lionel Messi

    “Our Similarities bring us to a common ground; Our Differences allow us to be fascinated”

    That realization is truly #madeofgreat. 🙂

  • Awesome , the blog is indeed #MadeOfGreat

  • Tata Motors’ association with Lionel Messi spells a significantly notable alliance that will steer the company towards favourable benefits. I always acknowledge Tata Motors as a distinctive name in Auto industry, which will not let the success ‘larger-than life’ elude from its fate now with a timeless guild with iconic figure Messi. I don’t see this union of Tata Motors as an aspirational effort for garnering some quick publicity and evoke specific reaction from myriad crowd with Celeb branding, but is rightly an embellished handshake for keeping up the pace to get to the pinnacle of success graph. To sum things up, I am joyous to see the brand and the star uniting for ‘One in a Million’ #madeofgreat power-packed drive ahead 🙂

  • I guess it’s an amazing collab!! Also a great write up 👍 Keep it up 🙂

  • Your dad is truly an inspiration for all. He is indeed your mentor. A great collab and an all the more great post! 🙂

  • The coming together of Lionel Messi, an iconic footballer and Tata Motors, a renowned, leading corporate house is a master stroke that will benefit all. It’s a great partnership between true connoisseurs of passion and drive. This is an association of two stalwarts who live with a purpose and never fail to deliver. Indeed a union #madeofgreat and to be cherished!

    Brilliantly written post 🙂 Cheers!

  • Great to know about your Dad. *Respect*
    A wonderful post 🙂

    The association of Tata Motors and Lionel Messi is indeed an amazing one.When two heroes combine together, the result will surely be extravagant. Moreover, the name of Lionel Messi will instill a lot of trust and reliability in the mind of customers for Tata Motors because Messi is a great, dedicated and hardworking sportsperson. People love and admire Messi for his single minded focus. Therefore, the collaboration will surely be very beneficial for Tata Motors 🙂

  • “My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived, and let me watch him do it.” ohh what a line.. so inspiring..

  • How ecstatic I am feeling after becoming aware of such a splendid personality like this man of substance, your dearest dad. Such a mentor is certainly the gem of a person with a heart of gold. You have portrayed the impact of him on your life so beautifully. Hats off to this master for his worthy contribution in giving your life a whole new definition and kudos to you for such a great write-up. 🙂

    Tata motors, the name speaks power, patronage and patriotism to we, the Indians, as this is our very own arena of trust and belief loaded with performance and excellence. When Tata motors got associated with the living legend Lionel Messi, this association has become the merger of Tiitans, the coalition of two power-packed performers.

    • Leo Messi, the football maestro, is the performer par excellence on the football courts while Tata motors is the makers of masterpieces to conquer the roads. This is the one union that is #madeofgreat power and perseverance.
    • While Messi is being counted for his winning stride, Tata Motors is the reason for Indians to feel pride. This is the one alliance that is #madeofgreat quantum and quality.
    • While Leo Messi is the personification of panache, Tata Motors is the portrayal of perfection. This is the one amalgamation that is made of great presentation and practicality.

    So, for The Style Symphony, Tata motor’s association with Lionel Messi is #madeofgreat value that is indeed going to benefit the automotive industry with a new zeal to touch the zenith.

  • A great man indeed….I loved the way he put it about fitness….earning does not matter if it comes at the cost of good health….all with scattered away running after doctors…..As for the association of the two greats…It is like a car race…..Who wins the trophy….? One who has the best car and the best ability to steer it effortlessly towards victory.

  • Your post defines #madeofgreat in a awesome manner.Very well written and interesting post indeed.
    My Answer
    Tata Motors is a brand that makes durable vehicles, with its MADE IN INDIA mark makes every Indian proud. It is a brand seen globally as Trusted, Reliable, Innovative and at the forefront of technology. In its journey since inception it has overcome all odds, competition, and adversities with grit and determination. These same qualities are associated with Lionel Messi who was very talented and hardworking from a very early age. With each game that he played he kept improving his skills and built a career to become one of the best player of professional football. There qualities make both TATA Motors and Lionel Messi giants who perfectly compliment each other and Lionel Messi the right and perfect Ambassador who stands for the same values that TATA Motors does.

  • Your post truly defines that your dad is #madeofgreat.

    ‘What drives us from within is what makes us great’, This is the founding principle behind the overall brand association between Argentinian Football Maestro Lionel Messi and Automobile Giant Tata Motors. The overall #madeofgreat campaign is made upon a clear cut vision of seeking excellence along with self-belief.

    Tata Motors and Lionel Messi, both are the ones people look up to get inspired. Lionel Messi is an amazingly renowned player with huge fan following across the world While Tata Motors is an Indian company which has achieved global distinction in past decades and appeals as a company with immense potential. Tata Motors stands at a path defining phase of its evolution story with some overwhelming produts planned in future. Lionel Messi with a global appeal compliments Tata Motors.

    Thus the association is truly #madeofgreat. Legend and Talent have come together to make a truly fantastic combination. The collaboration will be a win-win for both.

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