Kangana LIED about being the highest paid actress

Kangana Ranaut has indeed become the ‘Lying Queen of Bollywood’. The actress has been caught on a number of occasions speaking blatant lies with regard to her friends in the industry, future projects and relationships.

In a latest revelation, it has emerged that Kangana is NOT the highest paid Bollywood actress. Though it is well established that Deepika is the reigning Queen of Bollywood, Kangana and her publicists often claimed that Kangana is the highest paid actress. These LIES were circulated so frequently that they soon were perceived as facts. It is now brought to light that Kangana who made baseless claims of being paid Rs. 11 crores per film is indeed paid Rs. 3 crores. She was also paid Rs. 3 crores for Rangoon which is her next with Director Vishal Bharadwaj. The actress made tall claims of earning the highest amount of Rs. 11 crores for the project but her claims fell flat when it was revealed that she is indeed paid 1/4th of the claimed amount.
Kangana Ranaut
Last week, Kangana’s real age was revealed bringing to public knowledge yet another uncalled of Lie. Her passport copy which went viral, showed that the actress is running 31 years of age and not 29 as claimed. Kangana who had celebrated her 29th Birthday in the beginning of the year was trolled and called out largely for her lie.

Kangana’s incessant Lies and baseless claims have become a subject of Twitter negativity garnered by the actress. This entire scenario has only brought to notice the basis of Kangana’s unverified claims. The actress has gone on record and made a number of audacious statements. Seems like the actress has been undergoing a bad phase as all her Lies are being exposed one after the other.


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