Journey as Blogger

Hi Readers!

Before writing my experience as blogger, I would like to tell that I am Yogesh Parashar. I love my surname a lot. When 1st phone came to my family then I changed its sound profile name “General” to “Parashar” so that my surname would always appear on the home screen. When I got my 1st phone then I changed its sound profile to Parashar’s Boy. It was two words so I made it one with parasharzboy. So the Z is not part of my surname; its just replacing the apostrophe.

So parasharzboy became my username all over the social media. And now it’s my domain.


We love to do only two kinds of things. One is of our interest and the other is what we are inspired for. Blogging wasn’t of my interest. It became my love when I am inspired. I used to write my own folk lyrics in Haryanvi or Punjabi. I started blogging having an inspiration from my friend, Maitreni Mishra. It was not just inspiration; it was a complete support from her. She gave my blog a name “The Parashar’s Palette”. The Style Symphony girl helped me to start with The Parashar’s Palette. Not even Maitreni, but also her mom Sangeeta Mishra helped me to learn a lot. Haiku is one of my learning from her.

Life with Indiblogger:

I started blogging in July and my 1st blog was for a Maa where I am asking for blessings of a Mom as blessings always keep me enlightened after so much of bad habits in me.

I was looking to join Indiblogger family after completing my 10 blogs. But as I reached 10, the policy changed to 20. So I further waited for it. On October 09, 2015 I became part of Indiblogger family. I became familiar to the site with Maitreni’s help only. I submitted blogs for Happy Hours which really gifted happiness to this learner. In November, my blog got a score of 56/100 under Indirank.

This was a handsome start. I started interacting with other bloggers’ posts through Indivines. I grew my network and came across with new terms of writing world. I read Haikus and found those interesting. And I wrote my 1st Haiku on Diwali under the guidance of Sangeeta Mishra which turned hit for me.

I finished the month with a few more blogs and I was just amazed to see myself in 70s.


This is where IndiStats kept me with a score of 75/100 in just 2 months. And I was delighted. I came across with a image and I tweeted it as it was holding my joy.

Yes I was thankful to the team of The Style Symphony which is doing so well and inspiring me to come up with better.

I won’t say I am a hard worker. But yes I am a good learner. Learning is a never ending process. We often do mistakes and take a lesson from them. Mistakes are bound to happen and that makes a person better with the time.

I believe in learning and improving with time as I wanna live a better tomorrow.


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