Impact of Criminal Stories

It’s a real story which is harmed by a real incident.

They were in a fare together. She wanted to win a dress in a game there. The boy saw the excitement in her eyes and went with her to win the beautiful dress for her. The one who will shot in the center will win the dress.

She : Hey! I want to win that dress.

He : Ok! So you wanna play for it?

She : Yes!

She was excited to win the dress. The boy read the joy in her eyes. But he knew that she would be sad if she couldn’t win that. Since the chances of winning were half. And the boy wanted to make a win-win situation for her.

He : Ok! It would be great if you win it today. But I promise you will get one such dress soon.

She shot and it didn’t hit the target. He was more sad than her as her sad face hurts him. They went back to their homes and started living there normal life.

6 Months Later:

He got a new job. That dress was in his mind. And he wanted to purchase it for her. He called the girl.

He : Hey Sweety! Wassup?

She (in sad voice) : Good.

He : Any problem?

She : No!

He : I have a surprise for you darling. Let’s catch up in an hour.

She : No. Something went wrong here.

He : What?

She : A guy shot his girlfriend here. I am afraid.

He : Baby?

She (Adding to her words) : And he also used to surprise her.

She hanged up. And he sat down with the fare passes.


It happens so often in our lives. We see movies, read stories and start relating those accident to our lives. We see love stories and starts imagining ourselves as part of that story and same goes on crime/horror stories. One feels an impact of what one sees. But I don’t think that impact should be that long that it actually starts affecting the relationships in which you are.

Have a positive outlook for life. If you have seen a horror story, it doesn’t mean the ghost would be around you if you would be in dark. If you saw a criminal case, it doesn’t mean it will happen in your life.

When some story hits our mind, we start behaving like the characters of that story. In that case, the person should come back to reality of his life. We should know ourselves and pick the best things from the story. Stop suspecting your relationships if you came across such a story. Never spoil your own story by having influence of other stories on you.

Life is precious. It becomes beautiful with all the relationships. There shouldn’t be a single space for negativity in your positive relationships. Minimize the worse impact on your and pull your life to a brighter side.

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