Heads Up For Tails

She was silent. There must be some tension. I went close to her.ScreenShot

“What happened?”

“I want to buy a gift for someone but I can’t visit market due to busy schedule at office.”

“Why are you worrying? Buy it online! There are so many sites.”

“Which site? Please don’t laugh. I want to buy something for my pet as it’s its 1st birthday!”

I giggled and said, “Heads Up For Tails.”

“You want me to play toss with you?” She replied annoyingly.

I took out my phone and typed “Heads Up For Tails“. She was amazed to see that there is a website to shop for dogs.

As she visited the site, she was just happy to see variety of products for her dog.


About the site

Headsupfortails is India’s exclusive luxury brand for ‘pawsh’ and fun doggie couture. Their products range from comfy and customized dog beds, chic collars and leashes, fashionable dog apparel, to an awesome range of accessories for pets and pet lovers! They also create useful yet fun merchandise like harnesses, toys, bowls, winter wear and more that the pets can enjoy.

Pets are Precious

Pets are inseparable part of a family. Like we humans, these also have all the emotions. They sense the mood of their master.

Not every person knows how to love a dog, but every dog knows how to love a person.

HeadsUpForTails tee

Dogs are most faithful and loyal pet animal. As they are part of our family, they should be treated like a family member only. We buy so much for our lifestyle. But somewhere we miss it for our dogs.

The one place where we can find everything for our pets is www.headsupfortails.com.

From personalized products to health and grooming products, it has everything that we aren’t even aware of.

Always take care of a balanced diet for your pet. Here are some special diet for it.

Shop for your pet as Diwali Sale brings out some great discounts on many products. So Don’t miss it!

Let’s all heads up for tails and give a special treatment to our pets like other loved ones. They can even teach us a new vision for our life as well.

Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.

Don’t forget to follow the above quote in your life. That will reflect a positive personality.


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