Gallan Mithiyan – Punjabi Song Review

Punjabi songs are always close to my heart. But in the world of remix when I see folk songs then it always touches my heart which makes it evergreen.

Gallan Mithiyan is like one of that song which hit my mind as it has beautiful lyrics with an adorable screenplay by Parmish Verma featuring Himanshi Khurana.

The song is about a girl who is very happy with her in-laws. The lyrics tells about her feeling for her husband and her in-laws.


The song is written by Bittu Cheema who has beautifully written the feelings of a girl who is pampered so much in her new life after marriage and feels herself queen.

Likhey si sanjog sade tere naal ve
Hasde hasaunde lang gya saal ve..x2

Dhanwaad tera dil deya raajeya
Ve wang raaniya de rakhi hoyi aa
Sohna te patandra tu khaas koi na
Ve gallan mithiyan di patti hoi aa

Viah ton pehla photo jado dekhi si ve teri
Nind gyi c tainu ta saheli rano meri..x2

Jitt leya saanu tereya pyaara ne
Main gulaam teri pakki hoyi aan
Sohna te patandra tu khaas koi na
Ve gallan mithiyan di patti hoi aa

Rakha main khayal laadle deor da
Gall vaddi bhabi di koi ni mod da..x2

Aunda ve pyar bada bebe ji da mainu
Jih de saahan vich vassi hoi aa
Sohna te patandra tu khas koi na
Ve gallan mithiyan di patti hoi aa

Jiddan da ve aein saanu manjoor ve
Kadde Bittu Cheemeya hovi na dor ve..x2

Teriya mohabttan te maan jatti nu
ve Hanju khushiya de nitt royi aa
Sohna te patandra tu khaas koi na
Ve galla mithiyan di patti hoi aa


The song has a beautiful storyline. It starts with a scene where the girl goes on roof with washed clothes. But her mother-in-law calls her down. Her husband wakes up and sees the bucket of clothes and starts helping her.

As the girl comes back on roof. She goes a year back where she recalls the days before her marriage. She recalls that how her friend gave a thumb down for the boy after seeing her photo. But the boy wins heart of everyone in the family which made her surrender her heart.

Now the next scene is about her present life where she is serving her brother-in-law. As he starts eating she tells him a little work and he just stand up to finish that before. In next scene she is with her mother-in-law where she is buying suit for her.

Now her husband calls her for a tractor ride of fields. As she comes near close to tractor, he gets on his knee to help her to be on it which must be the most adorable scene to all viewers.


Overall Impact:

For me it is one of those complete songs which have combo of good lyrics and a lovely video.

Music (8.5/10) : I loved its soothing and fresh music. Though only folk instruments are used for the sounds, but fair work is done.

Video & Editing (7/10) : I found video a little hazy for 2 seconds at 2:21. Rest there is awesome work by camera.

Acting (9/10) : The acting is just perfect one. Expressions of Himanshi and innconce of Mankirt sets a great chemistry between the on screen couple.

Voice (8/10) : Voice of Mankirt Aulakh is just perfect for the folk song.

Screenplay & Direction (10/10) : I have seen Parmish Verma’s direction in other Punjabi songs as well. He is just superb with it.

Overall Rating : 8.5


  • I don’t watch Punjabi video songs much because I don’t understand the language. Still, I feel they are very sweet and pure. This is quite an insightful review of the video song. Great to read something new, that too, of the musical genre at TPP. Happy Blogging!

  • Your post truly captures the essence of this beautiful song. Kudos!
    I love the lyrics & picturisation but somehow the music in the initial lines sounds strangely similar to Jugaadi Jatt (which also happens to be Mankirt Aulakh’s song).

    • You point is right Kashish. I also found this thing. Some folk songs have similar kind of music.
      Like Sharry Mann also has similar kind of music in most of his songs..
      But apart from all these things, the song is in TOP of my Chart!
      Good to know that you also listens Punjabi songs! 🙂

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