#fame App : A platform to be famous

I am an Engineer by graduation. But honestly, I am a bad engineer. I am weak with my technical concepts.
I found it useless scratching my head in those Engineering books. Dad wanted me to do M.tech. But for the first and last time both mind and heart says one thing i.e. NO MORE TECHNICAL LOCHA.

I used to listen FM daily in the morning while jogging. So after my graduation I started dreaming about becoming RJ and even reached to Patel Chowk at Aakashwani to get training. But like most of the Indian guy face this problem, I faced it too. And the problem was who will support me for my this step.
Even after filling the form for an RJ, I put that into dustbin and returned home.

I started  preparing for government job because that’s all my parents wanted me to be. I did what they wanted me to do and any how I managed to be a government employee.

And since last 1 month I found a great app i.e #fame app. Yes! this is a very cool app and you can show your talent to the world without going any where.
You just need to download the app from play store and join it with Facebook or your Google account.

How to start with #fame?



Getting the app is very simple. The point to remember is that the app is hashtag fame (#fame), not just fame.

Here are the 2 simple points:

  1. Go to your Play Store and search for #fame
  2. Install the application in your phone.



How to use #fame?

#fame app is about going LIVE and watching others LIVE. In terms of #fame app, we call it a beam. If you are live, it means you are doing beam. If you are watching others, you are watching a beam.
For a new user it’s better we shall watch others first as we will learn something and will surely get confidence.

How to check for Live Beams?
  1. Open the app and touch the List sign on the top left.
  2. Screenshot_2015-08-16-09-39-57From there, you will see Live/Upcoming beams.


If you find a LIVE Beam you can watch it by then. But if you find Upcoming beam then you can see the time and can check later.

How to do Beams (Go Live)

As you can see GO LIVE🎥 option on top right, just in left of search option. Touch it, you will find LIVE NOW or LIVE LATER.

In both case, you need to fill a Beam Name (like what will you talk about), Beam Description (like what is genre of beam) a

Beam Name : #fame app

Beam Name

Genre Added

Genre Added


Beam Photo

You can go
There is no End time when you do


If you wanna schedule it for later, then choose LIVE LATER and repeat the above 3 steps.
In next step, you will be asked to schedule as per your date, time or duration of beam.
Available interval will be 5, 10, 20, 40, 60, 120, 180, 240 (all in minutes)

How to interact with audience?

As you will go live you will see yourself on your mobile screen (if not, then check your front camera is working well)


You can see Likes, Dislikes and Views on left. And who is doing what you can see by tapping on middle of bottom with the chat box💬.
You can end your beam by tapping on the red button in left bottom corner.

How to see your stats after your beam?

Even after completing the beam you can see your stats (likes,dislikes, views)

  1. Touch the beams and you will find details of all your beams.
How to check for Live Beams?
  1. Touch the list button on top left and open your profile.
  2. Touch BEAMS and you will find details of all your beams.

The scheduled beams will be shown on top as Upcoming Beams. You can delete Upcoming Beams but can’t delete Past Beams.

Disclaimer : This is all about Android version 2.0.19 of #fame app. There might be change if you are using any other version.

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