Does he have all the answers?

Chetan Bhagat who claims himself to be an author giving solutions to the youth of India through his various works has failed miserably on giving a solution to the veterans. Maybe he doesn’t have any but he has surely got on to the veterans and their supporters nerves who are sending him hate messages and guess what? He is making money out of that as well @Rs 3 per sms.

Author Bhaavna Arora surely gave him a war of nerve through an imaginary situation of she calling Al Qaeda. Guess what? Chetan Bhagat is threatened!
Bhaavna Arora and many other have raised questions to him for which he has no answers. Why did he start this war in the first place when he couldn’t finish it?
Money, fame, national concern (hahaha) @rs 3 per sms.
A person who gets threatened by a lovely lady should perhaps keep his views on subjects that he has little knowledge on to himself rather than making a complete fool of himself.

So Mr Chetan Bhagat wants to express his views on OROP? Sure.. why not. Guess the independence and freedom of expression inherited free of cost by him entitles him to.

Guess he still wallows confused.. just like the time when he didnt know whether to be an engineer, a manager or a writer.

His displaced views on demands of the veterans and the financial abyss that the country would plunge into did create quite a stir on social networking sites.

On another end of the spectrum stands Bhaavna Arora, again a bestseller author. Sure its a David vs Goliath battle… but we know how that story ends. While Ms Bhaavna goes out and donates the royalties of her books to OROP, gets sponsorship of 2000 bottles of water and goes amongst the veterans to pledge support of the youth,¬† Mr Bhagat questions the very essence of the agitation while soliciting response @ Rs 3/sms.

He may well be advised ..

Be careful of the feet you step on today.. they might be connected to the ass you may have to kiss tomorrow.

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