#DilliKiGhanti – A Ride to Pollution Free Delhi

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The new year started in Delhi with a promise to make it pollution free. The Odd-Even Formula was put to trial for 15 days. Hero Cycles and Radio Mirchi 98.3 together promoted cycling.

Cycling is good not only for the betterment of environment but also for daily stressful life. It controls the traffic over the road and promotes fitness which is need to everyone.

The initiative has the tagline Ab Dilli Mein Bajegi Hero Cycle Ki Ghanti and was seen over social channels with the hashtag #DilliKiGhanti. I came across with with Radio Mirchi’s contest for a HERO SPRINT RX2 

This was my entry for the contest where uploaded my pic with the cycle and nominated my friend.

Cycling is boon to my fitness chart as i miss a cycle for my thighs’ work out. It was my wishlist which came true when Radio Mirchi announced the result. I and my nominated friend Maitreni Mishra won it for ourselves. Celebrations be double when you win it with your besties.

Ride in the City

I reached Radio Mirchi office to collect my sports bike. All the documentation is being done and I was with my Hero Sprint RX2.

YP at Mirchi YP with RX2












I was on the Hero Sprint and it was a cold evening. I pedaled it to a distance of a kilometer and reached to GIP Mall. I was enjoying the ride so much that i decided my route to New Delhi Railway Station from GIP Mall, Noida. It was around 15km. And I need to catch my train for which I was left with 90-100 minutes. Though I was having ample time. But it started becoming difficult as I was facing lots of red lights.

After reaching to Mayur Vihar Phase 1, I set my destination on google map and picked the best path. It was 10km and I was left with 50 minutes. I kept my phone in pocket and put the headphones on so that i could hear the instruction of navigation. I could feel that the blood is running faster now in legs. I was feeling light and relaxed.

Winning the cycle and riding it home was quiet an adventurous thing. Though it is dangerous to ride it on highways without helmet. But the journey remained quiet a soothing experience to me.Cycling

Thank you Radio Mirchi and Hero Cycles. I am in the movement to make my city pollution free. I will ride to inspire others as well.


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