Dil | Ninja | A Valentine’s Song – Punjabi Song Review

Dil is a Punjabi song by Ninja. The song is a love song which is touching all lovers’ heart as the love song is released in Valentine week and is about Valentine’s day only.


Main dil rakhta tere kadma ch,
tu chak ta sahi, tu chak ta sahi..

eh naam tera hi lainda rehhhnda..
tu sun ta sahi, tu sun ta sahi..

Mai poora saal wait karda si..
Teri haan di wait karda si.. {x2}

Mainu lagda rehnda si darr, tere pichhe laggi line da..
Vekhi ajj na naa kar dayii, ajj din valentine da.. {x2}

Tere ghar di bahri khuldi si..
osse thah ruk jaanda si..

vichon vekh k sohna mukh,
mera saah ruk jaanda si..

Ae doori nu hate karda si..
ye milne di wait karda si.. {x2}

Tu samjh saki na matlab mere ditte sign da..
Vekhi ajj na naa kar dayii, ajj din valentine da.. {x2}

Naa sone di ring,
diamond da na koi, koka de sakda..

bas mai taa tainu,
umraan de layee, khushiya de sakda..

Hai yakeen ta haami bhar de..
Nirmaan de naa jind karde.. {x2}

Mainu chadeya tera pyaar haaye ni jivein nasha wine da..
Vekhi ajj na naa kar jayii, ajj din valentine da.. {x2}


The songs start with a wake up call for Ninja that flight is on time, get ready. He wakes up and rewinds the old memories of his love on valentine’s day with Sara Gurpal. The moments when he bought 8 pastries for her on Valentine’s Day. He gets ready cherishing all those memories.With all the memories, he find that Sara is on the gate. And as it was valentine’s day. So he proposes her and it ends on a happy note.

Overall Impact

The song is dedicated to long distance lovers. Innocence of both Ninja & Sara is beauty of the song while the Mukhda of the song is equally beautiful.

Vekhi ajj na naa kar jayii, ajj din Valentine da..

Story (7.5/10) : I found the story a bit weak. It could have been better. Parmish Verma has given us many awesome songs. I won’t say it was best of him.

Acting (9/10) : Both Ninja & Sara Gurpal are talented actors. They did well here in the song as well. It’s wonderful to see Sara back in Punjabi videos.

Music (8.5/10) : The music is just perfect for the song. A soothing romantic music adds a new taste to the song.

Voice (9/10) : Ninja is a great singer and sings romantic and action songs as well. Here his voice is just awesome like what a romantic song needed.


Lead Role : Ninja & Sara Gurpal
Director & Screenplay : Parmish Verma
Producer : Pinky Dhaliwal
Lyrics & Composition : Nirmaan
Music : Gold Boy
Studio: Amar Studio

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