Comedy Hunt : An Online Reality Show

Stand Up Comedy is not just serving your audience what you have cooked for the day. It’s about making everyone listening to you. Even the person sitting at last should pay equal interest like the ones sitting in first row.

About Comedy Hunt

Comedy Hunt is search for next big comedy superstar. It’s an online youtube platform where participants are given comedy task via Comedy Hunt’s online YouTube channel

The AIB’s stand up comedians give different tasks every week posting the video on youtube. The participants follow the instructions and shoot themselves with the required theme.

So Comedy Hunt is like a reality show but on Youtube only. The best thing about this show is, we don’t need to perform in front of audience or judges. Just record yourself what you are. So there is no audience pressure while performing.

So this is all about Comedy Hunt.

Comedy Hunt


Stand Up Comedy

I got to know about this amazing online show from LiveInStyle, one of my favourite online place for lifestyle that I visit so often.

As I saw Stand Up Comedy there, I went on that. And I got to know not only about the show, but also the following interesting points:

  • Hilarious Blogs on Comedy

The first thing that caught my eye balls was ‘The Evolution of Indian Comedy’. And there I recalled from where Indian Comedy started and how good we Indians are in making others laugh.

Apart from that I found some more interesting blogs like how a comedian sees the life or some untold stories about stand up comedians. And those 5 videos rolled me over my bed laughing my heart out.

  • Stand Up Comedy Videos

With those featured videos on the right side of the page one not only knows about ABC of comedy but also knows the key points of how to get a engaging Youtube channel. All the important videos from Comedy Hunt channel are featured together to brief all about Comedy Hunt, Stand-Up Comedy and establishment of a successful Youtube channel.

  • Know your stand up comedians

Almost everyone knows about AIB superstars. But there are a lot more points that are still unknown to us. And LiveInStyle covers all those unknown points in their style.


LiveInStyle keeps me updated all about lifestyle in and around my city. Whenever there is gathering with friends, I pick the best spot from party hotspot.

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