Chromozome Extreme Sports

Chromozome is one of the top leading brands of India in fashion innerwear and sportswear. The brand wide collections with emerging international fashion trends, with materials specially created to enhance wearing comfort. Chromozome designs what the season demands. Keeping the weather in view, the brand comes up with their new collection in May 2017 that is EXTREME SPORT

This new collections give three ranges of outfits in different colours which has Active Tee, Active Muscle Tee and Active Shorts.

Both the Active Tee and Muscle Tee have quick dry fabric that helps in moisture management. Active shorts are also made of same fabric with grip waistband and a branded zipper on wearers RHS pocket. The left pocket is without zipper. All the ranges of the new Extreme Sport (ES) collection have a reflective C logo branding on them. Since these are made of 100% micro polyester, it makes it a perfect Extreme Sport wear. The main role of the polyester fiber is to evaporate the perspiration from the skin surface and transfer the moisture to the atmosphere to make the wearer feel comfortable.

My Take

I was honored to have this unique range of Extreme Sports. I got a royal blue Active Tee, white Active Muscle Tee and a black Active Shorts. After an early morning gym session, I went out for an outdoor workout session. I had 40 minutes outdoor workout in the sun. Irrespective of those tired mornings after workout, this morning was different. I myself experienced that sweat evaporation that keeps one going with the workout.








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