Chandigarh : City of Delight

Since I am born in Haryanvi family, Haryana is in my blood. I studied in a school where I had more Punjabi friends. Punjab and Haryana were one single state before November 1966. Later these 2 states are separated. But still both the states are united by their capital.


Chandigarh is not just a city; it is union territory and capital of Punjab and Haryana as well. Adjoining cities Mohali from Punjab and Panchkula from Haryana together with Chandigarh form a Chandigarh Tricity.

Peculiar Points:

The city is unique and very different from any other city or capital.

  • It is the only city which is Capital of 2 states and Union Territory as well.
  • As per reports in 2010, Chandigarh is the cleanest city of India.
  • In 2007, Chandigarh is declared as smoke free city as it was 1st city to initiate and implement of smoke free laws of Indian Government.
  • Chandigarh has great architectural design with composition of building, garden and lakes.
  • Chandigarh has best climatic conditions. It enjoys hot summer of 40 degrees to chilly winters of 5 degrees as well.

Places to Hangout:

Sukhna Lake:
Sukhna Lake

At Sukhna Lake with Friends

Sukhna Lake is the famous lake of Chandigarh. It is an artificial lake associated in Sector 1. The place is very pleasant and peaceful. An evening spent at Sukhna Lake takes away the tiredness of city life.

Rock Garden:

Rock Garden

Moving towards Capitol Complex from Sukhna Lake, there is Rock Garden. It has many sculptures which are made of discarded waste mudguard, forks, broken bangles, wires and marbles etc

Rose Garden:


Rose garden is in Sector 16 on Chandigarh and is named after former president Zakir Hussain. The garden has more than 800 types of roses.

Sector 17:

It is heart of Chandigarh and called Sector SATAARA by local people. It is one of the biggest shopping hubs of India.

Sector 17

Musical Fountain at back (MJ in Lights)

The musical fountain is at middle of the sector and attracts everyone to stand around it to enjoy the dance of lighting stars over fountains.

Elante Mall:

Chandigarh has the biggest shopping mall of Northern India. Elante Mall is third biggest in India.



The Capitol Complex, Gardens and Parks, International Dolls Museum, Government Museum and Art Gallery, Temple of Goddess Chandi and The Tower of Shadows are other places of Chandigarh where one can spend quality time.

Chandigarh is always close to writers, actors, and singers of Punjabi and Haryanvi industry. It is often seen as the favourite place for writers. They write their complete song around life in Chandigarh. Around 100s of such songs can be heard. Chandigarh Waliye, Yaari Chandigarh Waliye, Shehar Chandigarh Diyan Kudiyan, Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui are a few of the long list. Even Sector SATAARA (17) is also writers favourite.

Chandigarh is my dream city as well. If I were a city, I would have been Chandigarh as it holds Punjab and Haryana like me.

Chandigarh is like Tata Motors as both are MADE OF GREAT. The city drives me to my dream of being a lyricist and connects me to my dream world. I am with the North Zone in this Zonal War of #madeofgreat. 



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