Bina Cash, Karo Aish

We are in digital world. We shop digitally. We pay digitally. This digital world is the most powerful of all and it is attracting every generation. We shop new products as per our need and sell those after use at a very low price. Everyone negotiate with the price when the product is of no use to them. Money is not everything. Sometimes we feel to have another product in exchange. Exchanging product is very friendly thing. We often exchange so many things with friends like shirts, perfume, phones or bags.

It happens so often to me that I exchange my shirts with my brother or friends for a pair of shoes. Sometimes when I am bored of my android phone then I exchange it with my brother’s Windows. The exchange brings a benefit for both the person. This exchange can be permanent if both the person agrees. is just the same. It is best online platform for exchanging goods without exchanging money.

Bina Cash, Karo Aish

faida3 purely follows barter system of exchange. And this brings benefits for both the person without exchanging of money. So it truly defines itself with its tagline. Money is not always the better value of a good. Sometimes we realize its better value by exchanging it for something we want.

Faida ka Formula

Faida List is listing all the goods that one needs so often. From exchanging Mobiles & Tablets, Cameras  to other electronics appliances it has every good of our need. For readers who have finished reading their old books can exchange their old books with other at Books & Hobbies and can continue their interests with new books and for no extra cost. This it’s a win-win situation for both the person.

How It Works?

Our clutter can be gold for needy person or vice versa. So exchange is always the best deal. The site has easy design where visitors can navigate through and find the needful for them.


On, we can list out items that we want to give and select the desired items. If we find our desired goods then we can send exchange request to that person. After the request being accepted, both the person can meet and set the exchange deal if both find the items in good condition to use.

Exchange is always better as it promotes recycling and re-usability which is quite an eco-friendly aspect as well. We are into a world where we regularly see new gadgets released. Everyone wants to rush after new technology. So is the platform to complete those need without worrying about money.

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