Bambukat – Movie Review

Bambukat is a Punjabi movie of 1960’s, Bambukat (Means : Motorcycle) is a story of 2 sisters of different complexions. The biased approach of their family could also be seen in their marriages as the dark skinned is married to a poor family and the fair toned is married to a government officer.

Star Caste:

Bambukat is directed by famous director of Punjabi cinema, Pankaj Batra. The star caste is as follows:

  • Ammy Virk as Channan Singh.
  • Binnu Dhillon as Resham Singh.
  • Simi Chahal as Pakko.
  • Sheetal Thakur as Shammi.

Here is the trailer of the movie:


As the trailer shows it’s a story of 2 sisters Pakko (Dark skinned) and Shammi (Fair and pretty). Hence Sammi is married to an officer, station master, Resham Singh. Pakko is married to a no good, Channan Singh. Despite being poor, there is immense love between Pakko and Channan. Both sisters comes to their family after marriage. The biasing still continued as Resham Singh came on Bambukat while Channan Singh came on cycle. Everyone in their family was going crazy for the Bambukat while Channan Singh is being ignored by everyone. After seeing this, Pakko feels insulted at her own (Pakko’s) house because of being poor. Then Pakko asks Channan to buy a Bambukat and there starts Channan’s struggle of buying a motorcycle!


My Take on Bambukat:

‘Lokaan de laal muh vekh apnaa muh chapedan maar maar ni laal kari da’

(Means, one should not try doing the same thing which others are doing just because they seem happier. One should know his/her limits)
~ Channan Singh’s Father to him when he asks to buy a Bambukat.

The movie has a very catchy title. There would be a lot like me who might have heard the word ‘Bambukat’ but might not be knowing the meaning. The title is very apt for the movie. It’s a complete family entertainment movie. The movie contains a mixture of comedy and drama and ensures that viewers are fully entertained throughout. It is based on ground reality and also touches serious issues such as color bias and economic divide.

All the songs of the movie are already part of my playlist. The song ‘Jind – Amrinder Gill’ is my favourite of all.


My Ratings : ★★★★ (4.0/5)

“Koi Virla Hi Laaunda Note Bambukat Te”

Be that Virla (special one) and must go to theater to watch the awesome movie.


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