April Fool vs Self Belief

Since it’s April Fool, so you won’t trust or believe any person today. It’s very funny aspect that we believe that we will be fooled on this day only. We don’t believe on any serious thing this day. But today I am relating this to our real life. Let’s look into 2 situations.


  • Suppose, we are in problem. And we are seeking urgent need from someone. Since it’s 1st April, so no one will believe that we are problem actually.


  • Other situation is just opposite to it. Our friend needs our help and we are ignoring thinking that we are being made fool.


In both situations, you can’t trust others, you need to trust yourselves. We are being fooled on everyday of every month. It’s not just 1st April. Since 1st April is globally a fools day, we be attentive on this day only and believe ourselves.

I am not stopping anyone in believing others. All I want to convey is that believe yourselves above all. Self-belief is best as one never has any kind of regret.






Let’s build our trust in ourselves everyday. This makes us strong and helps us in every way of life.

April Fool

Count everyday as fool’s day and build trust on yourself the most.

Happy April Fool’s Day Everyone! Trust yourself and act like a fool everyday. Stay fool Cool.


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