Living with diabetes? This device makes it easier.

They say that life happens to you when you are busy making other plans. Unfortunately, one can also say the same thing about diabetes as it creeps up on you when you are least expecting it. Inspite of never eating sweets and following a disciplined lifestyle, my mother was diagnosed by diabetes. The doctor felt it could be hereditary but that seemed no consolation for encountering the hurdles we knew would come our way.

The first question which arose in my mind was how to help my mother manage this dreadful disease? After the initial shock was dealt with I was determined that I wouldn’t let my mother compromise with her life. After all the great Wasim Akram contracted diabetes at the age of 29 when he was at the peak of his career and yet he went on to achieve laurels for his country and for himself.

To battle this disease we had to constantly keep tracking it and the most important things to look for in managing diabetes – monitoring tools. My family doctor who has been treating us for the last two decades recommended that we buy a blood glucose monitoring device. We spoke with people in our circle of acquaintances and also kept searching for options online. Out of the various options which we came across our preference kept becoming stronger for a particular brand. Alere G1 Glucometer seemed to be the obvious choice. And why would that be? Plainly because it is so easy to use.


In five steps, you can test your blood sugar level:

  • Step 1: Insert a test strip into the glucometer
  • Step 2: Obtain a blood drop
  • Step 3: Apply the blood sample
  • Step 4: Test results appear in 5 seconds
  • Step 5: Remove the test strip

As simple as that!

So what are the features which make this product so different from the rest in the market? Here are few of them:


Prices are anywhere between 20%to 30% less than the prices offered by competitors:

  • The 25 strips pack costs Rs 450 whereas other brands price it over Rs 650
  • The 50s strips packet comes for Rs 650 per packet and other brands sell it at more than Rs 850 per packet.
  • The 100 strips packet comes for Rs 1295 compared to more than Rs 1400 being charged by rival contenders

Therefore it offers great value for money.

Multiuser facility: This is a very interesting feature which allows upto 5 users to use the same device. The machine can be used by any of these users and will store their records uniquely. Therefore it becomes a very useful machine to have for an entire family as there are chances that more than one person in a family could be suffering from diabetes. For instance both my mother and grandmother suffer from diabetes and this glucometer could cater to both of them.

Small sample size: Sample of just 0.5 µl is required for testing.

Measuring range: Most machines only measure upto 600 Mg/dl (33.3 mmol/L) whereas Alere measures upto 900 Mg/dl (49.95 mmol/L).

Alarm reminder: Due to the hustle and bustle of daily life, one might forget to keep testing oneself regularly. The alarm reminds one to keep testing at assigned intervals.

Strip eject button: This is again a feature which is available only in the Alere G1 Glucometer. It removes the need for manually withdrawing a test strip. This is critical to make sure hygiene is maintained.

Day Average: This product can offer 7,14,21,28,60 and 90 day average unlike other machines which offer only 7,14 day average.

Memory: It saves results of upto 500 tests in its memory and the results are available in 5 seconds!

We immediately got this device for my mother who found it absolutely easy to use. I would personally recommend this device to anyone who is looking out to buy a glucometer for the first time or are looking to replace their existing one.

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