Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever

Mohabbat Toh Bas Naam Se Badnaam Hai. Asli Dard Toh ‘Slow Internet’ Deta Hai.

You all must have read this line over internet or you might have got this as text message. This is very much true. Slow internet is the most painful thing. When you are on slow side of internet, you will realize this pain.

When you are using a slow internet, your pet dialogue will be “Just 2 more minutes please!”
And even after 10 minutes, your dialogue will be, “Sorry! Just 2 more minutes please!

You need not be sorry anymore because Airtel comes up with the fastest network ever – Airtel 4G.

The Fastest Network Ever

When i switched from 2G to 3G, I found myself very much happy as i could open my pages at a better speed. 3G gives better speed but not the best speed. For best speed, we shall move to 4G. And Airtel 4G is the next step I am talking about.

Airtel 4g Campaign


Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services. It roll out across 296 cities nationwide for now.

Now the thing that came into my mind, is it actually the fastest?

To get my answer, I joined their  and see what I got?

SpeedTest1 SpeedTest2 SpeedTest3


Here I found that Airtel 4G is around 8-times faster than my 3G. I loved Airtel 4G in terms of speed.

4G speed at 3G price

Airtel 4g


Now I was worried about its cost. I thought it will definitely be 3-4 times in comparison to my 3G. But before raising my question, I clicked on the link they gave me in the tweet which redirected me to
And i got all my answers.

How to get 4G SIM?

Getting that 4G SIM is also not a tough task. Just make a tweet using #GetAirtel4G and they will contact you further.

If you are not on twitter, then you can get that by visiting here: Free 4G SIM. And fill your details.

Get 4G SIM

So, you all are just one step away to be 8x faster.

Things to do with Airtel 4G

There are so many things we do on internet and best speed is required in all.

LivYourFame : There is an app called #fame where one can run one’s show. It’s a platform for everyone to live their fame.



Even after running my show for 16 minutes, I got 1 like from 15 viewers. This is all because of stream errors due to slow internet which gives me a speed 81 kbps (as you can see on top right)
If I am on slower side of internet then people will be facing problem in watching me live. And my beam won’t get good likes. With Airtel 4G, I would be visible to all my viewers and they could respond to my beam.

Google Drive : Photography is everyone’s favourite now. And the safest place to store those is Google Drive. And those bulky photos need a fast internet to get uploaded there.
Even when you want to share those photographs with anyone else, sending it on any messenger would affect the pixels. And on mails, we have size limits.

So if  we need to mesh up with those bulky files, we need to have the fastest internet. With Airtel 4G, I would be able to send/receive my photos without any compensation in size through google drive.

Things you will forget with Airtel 4G

As you be in Airtel 4G world, you will find following things no where:

Buffering : Actually, this is a suffering. We always see this while watching any video online. Airtel 4G is medicine to get out of this suffering.

Loading… Please wait! : It’s okay if our boss asks us to wait. But why even a phone browser asks us to wait? Too irritating! Airtel 4G is the tool to stop your browser from commanding you.

Redirecting… Have patience! : We have so many things in life where we should have patience. But what’s the logic to be patient in online surfing as well? Seriously! there is no logic. Remove this illogical thing with Airtel 4G.

Switch to Airtel 4G and feel the best of internet. Say BYE BYE to pain of slow internet.

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