Acer Predator – The Gaming Beast

I was hearing a lot about a beast for last few days. I heard a lot about Acer new game changing tools where one need not to compromise in anything. Since everyone has a gamer inside. Everyone loves to play some games online on their available gadgets. So with this move, Acer is keeping every gamer alive inside us.

About Acer

Acer is a hardware + software + service company established in 1976 which offers products that incluse PCs, displays, projectors, tablets, smartphones, etc. The company has completed 40 years and is one of the top 5 companies.

About Launch Event

Acer launched Predator gaming notebooks, Predator gaming desktop, Predator projectors and gaming monitors today at The Ashok Hotel in Delhi.

I was amazed by their launching strategy. Everyone’s eyes were taken off from the Predator. Whole crowd was busy in watching the Skelton fights with those special lights.

Acer Event 1

Whole crowd was busy in watching the Skelton fights with those special lights. Before this could get over, the beast had marked its presence on everyone’s back.

Acer Event 2

Yes the beast was inside that square ring like a wrestler and was ready to be introduced by Mr. Suyash Singh. The Predator was described by Mr. Chandrahas Panigrahi and answered each and every questions were asked by the media and other social persons.

Acer Event 3

About Predator Notebook

Since the name, Predator, it itself shows the power of the device. It is called so because of our fierce gamer inside us.

Here are some key features of the Predator Notebook:

Predator FrostCore:

It has swappable fan modules which provides enhancement in cooling performance. It consists of a swappable Cooler Master® fan module, exclusive to Acer, which can be inserted into the notebook’s optical disk drive bay to cool down intense gaming sessions.

Predator DustDefender:

It has Aeroblade fan which runs at a very higher speed to improve heat dissipation. It removes dust and helps in cooling as well. These aeroblades are thin sized and considerable makes zero noise.

Killer DoubleShot Pro:

It allows us to attach both ethernet and wifi together and it’s network manager will determine which apps should run on which connection.

Apart from these main distinct features, the beast has other necessary components as well.

Acer Event 4

Predator Gaming Mouse is a unique mouse which can be customized to a different response time, adjustable buttons and dual lighting zones. Predator headset are also designed for a gamer’s point of view as it is built from a sound dampening foam which offers passive noise reduction. To protect every predator, they have Predator Gaming Utility Bag-pack. It has ballistic exterior which is tear and water resistant.

My Experience:

Being an engineer graduate, It was my deep curiosity to meet this beast in person.

YP at Acer Event

It was really a great experience to sit in front of the Predator. It’s tough for any other gaming device to stand beside it.


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