A Date : #LoveAndLaughter

It was an ordinary morning. Her mom called me to take her out as she was too irritated that day. I called her to be ready as I will be at her nearest metro station soon. I told that we would go for shopping (as shopping makes every girl happy) to Connaught Place.

After an hour, we met in the Metro. She was fully charged for shopping. But an earthquake was felt and it affected metro facilities. It was announced that the service may take an hour to resume. And we had to drop the plan of shopping as we dropped down from the metro. I could only say sorry with my eyes by looking into hers.

She was walking like she is all alone. She was a little perplexed (may be because the plan for shopping got cancelled). I was walking a meter behind her took a rose for her and kept it inside my jacket. She had no clue about this. I asked her for lunch and she agreed to it.

We went inside a restaurant. And it was a very romantic atmosphere inside. The peaceful place with a slow music and a dim light. We took our seats. She, who was off mood till now, was looking around and her eyes were glowing. Before she could breathe and react, I unfolded my hands and gave her the rose. She was blushing now and her cheeks turned pink.

“KoiΒ dekh lega hai gulaab ko.. Rakh lo isey abhi please..!” She whispered.

Holding her hand, I said “Koi gulaab ko dekhe to dikkat nahi.. meri gulaabo ko dekhe to dikkat hai..!” I kept the rose in between our palms.

She was holding on her burst laugh but still I could hear her giggles. A day which was going no where ended with some lovely moments in a lovely environment. The girl who was shy in holding the rose was smelling it later like a princess.

After that day I felt that we don’t need to plan big things to happen. Happiness comes in unplanned small things. It is rightly said that marry a person who can make you laugh. There are many a phases in our life where one be in that bad mood that he/she looks for a single smile to move out of that sadness. Looks and money are temporary. But sense of humor is permanent. I feel lucky that I have that crazy laughing doll in my life. We together be the weirdest and this defines our chemistry and the comfort zone we have with each other.


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