5 Taara – Diljit Dosanjh

Panj Taara is a new Punjabi song of Diljit Dosanjh under Speed Records label. The song is like a breakup bhangra song.

Here are the lyrics of Panj Taara song by Diljit Dosanjh.


Peg peg karde ne bottle main chaadi
Tu ki saanu chhaddna ni assi chhaddi yaari
Raati peeke daaru naare, Y\yaara paaye ni khilaare
Tenu dil vichhon kad ke main seena khaareya
ni tera sara gussa aah haa..

Panj taara (5 taara) theke utte beh k taareya
Main tera sara gussa x (3)

Feelinga ch sun le romantic song ni
Tere naal yaari sochi baitha live long ni
Pyar da bukhar tenu ohna chir chadheya
Jinna chir jatt di si jeb strong
Haye ni jeb strong ni

Tere naal si khichaiyan Facebook te main paayian
Tere naal khichwaaiyan Facebook te main paayian
Teri kalli kalli photo te delete maareya
Ni tera sara gussa aah ha..a

Panj taara (5 taara) theke utte beh k taareya
Main tera sara gussa x (3)

Chak ve brand jehde paundi ghaint ghaint ni
Giftaan ch deke bajja yaara da hi band ni
Sanu refuse keeta choose tu velaitiya aa
Khufiya reportan ni tu jana England
Haye ni jana Enland ni

Jhoothe kar kar hug chali jatt nu tu thag
Jhoothe kar kar hug Ranbir nu gayi thag
Mera karke hawai pariyan hi sareya
Ni tera sara gussa aah haa..

Panj taara (5 taara) theke utte beh k taareya
Main tera sara gussa x (3)


The song is a breakup bhangra song which starts from a 5 star bar where Diljit asks the cost of all brittle objects which the guard tells him 2.5lac. He enters the bar paying 4lacs saying now don’t stop us. He and his friends were in full desi outfit with a cot. Inside the bar, they dance like crazy and destroys the glasses and bottles. Diljit recalls his old love days with his love and how he breaks up with her as she is going to marry a rich guy from England. In the end

My Review:

Storyline (8.5/10): It’s not like a sad break up song. It sets a cheerful mood with the the folkish touch in a 5 star bar It was great contrast of folk dress in a 5 star bar. Sitting on cot in a 5 star place is something hilarious.

Acting (9.5/10):  Diljit is best actor in Punjabi industry. His expressions are always real and natural. And he has done a superb job in the song especially in the end. Tris Dhaliwal looks very pretty in all those Punjabi suits.

Music (9.5/10): The music of the song is perfect for bhangra. Even if you know a little of bhangra, it will automatically roll you in rhythm with its music.

Voice (9/10): Diljit is a singer turned actor. His singing is always superb.

Screenplay and Direction (9/10):  Anurag Singh is one of best directors in Punjabi industry and has given so many hit films with Diljit itself. And this song is another example of the hit jodi.

Overall Rating: 9/10


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