देसी vs शहरी

It’s a story of a villager boy who has his name, fame in his village. He falls in love with a modern girl from a town. And there becomes a gap between both as it’s becoming difficult for each other to adopt each other’s lifestyle. The girl wants the boy to enjoy city life like living in flats, going to disc […]

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Meeting Arjun Kapoor

Here I am sharing my 1st experience of meeting a Bollywood man. Yes, he is Superman. He is Salman Ka fan. His Tevar are wonderful. In short he is a wonderful man. About Contest eBay India ran a contest over twitter with the hashtag #eBay10WithArjun on completing there 10 years. And luckily i won that contest and got a chance […]

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कोई दे तू आशीर्वाद माँ।

The world is getting smarter in terms of technology. And in this smart world, people are busy in proving their smartness. They are so busy in discovering new paths that they are forgetting with whom they took their 1st step. You call her by different names like Mum, Mother, Mummy, Mom. But believe me when you speak the word Maa (माँ), it lifts […]

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