10 Adorable Moments of Life

When we came to this world. we were totally unaware about this materialistic world. Everything that we got, gave us million dollars smile.

1. 1st Swimming Pool



We used to have our own swimming pool. We never knew that we will feel that immense happiness in that little water pool.

2. 1st sports in life


It is believed that Cricket is in everyone’s blood in India. But our 1st sport was Football. Before holding a bat we start kicking things like soccer man.

3. 1st Taste



1st thing that we eat our self is some fruit. We never asked for that spicy tasty food.

4. 1st Dance Step


Everyone clapped for our 1st dance though it was non professional.

5. 1st walk


We get tired in the race of life later on. But we always stood like a champ though we fell continuously in learning this.

6. 1st Fancy Dress



Every mom dresses her boy like a girl and girl like a boy. And he/she equally enjoys it.

7. 1st Style Statement


Your 1st stylish look doesn’t require that brand name on it.

8. 1st Phone Call



Your 1st call is with no one actually. It’s all how you start learning from the world. Everyone will love you watching this. But when you will be in your teens, no parents would want his kid to stick to phones.

9. 1st time with a laptop



When you first get a chance to be next to a laptop, you hit the keyboard like great scientist Dr. Jackal.

10. 1st Scolding


As you are growing, and you are becoming more mischievous. This is how you react to your 1st scolding. You stopped smile as you are scolded.


All the GIF images are of my nephew Dishant Parashar who is celebrating his 1st birthday today. A selfie moment with the little superstar.



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